Donate your flies for charities
Rock River Fly Casters Consortium

Welcome fly tyers
   This tying season, many of you fly tyers will be tying quite a few extra flies with Covid-19 restrictions currently in place, here is an opportunity to help others with your flies. Rock River Fly Casters Consortium NPF would like to announce that we are stating a new fly tying program for charities called “Donate Your Flies for Charities”.
   There are many organizations that use fly fishing to help their participants healing process or youth groups that promote the art of fly fishing. We will be donating your flies to several different programs. in addition, if you have a worthy group you would like to help, lets us know. We are not asking for cash donations, just hand tied flies.

Thank you
Mike Martin President
Rock River Fly Casters Consortium NFP
A 501(c)(3) nonprofit